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    A Letter to Our Customers

    March 19, 2020

    Dear Valued Customer:

    We believe continued communication is key in this time of uncertainty. At Berry, we are proud to work with our customers to supply products which are truly essential to everyday life. The safety and supply of necessities such as food, diapers, medicine, sanitizing products, and protective healthcare apparel, to just name a few, has never been more critical.

    Because our production is business essential, we fully intend to continue production during this coronavirus fight. Though production will continue as normal, we are going above and beyond Good Manufacturing Practices to promote hygiene and safety among our employees.

    We continue to stay abreast as the situation relating to COVID-19 evolves and will communicate accordingly. Please contact your Berry sales professional should questions arise.


    Tom Salmon    
    Chairman and CEO
    Berry Global


    We're All in This Together

    At Berry, we support the communities in which we work and serve. As we provide protective solutions to these areas, safety is cascading globally through community partnership. Discover how our agility has amplified our corporate responsibility efforts.
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    Safeguarding Solutions

    Our critical nonwoven fabrics are helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 as they are used in a range of surgical-grade face masks along with N95 and N99 respirators.

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    Designed to support the highest levels of infection prevention, our barrier nonwoven fabrics help protect healthcare workers.

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    Help protect your customers with a wipes product range that supports disinfectants through the materials that medical professionals trust.

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    Innovation meets necessity in our latest packaging innovation for products that help keep your customers safe.

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    The World Health Organization currently recommends frequent hand washing with soap and water. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit your product.

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    We are currently producing over 100,000 face shields per week in order to help keep health care workers and other frontline responders safe.

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    Through skilled employees, teamwork, and technology, we drive continuous improvement in our products and services.

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    Manufacturing one of the most in-demand materials of the current marketplace, we proudly engineer our specialty nonwoven materials and packaging to support a wide array of solutions from foodservice to medical.

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    Our medical device packaging supports your critical products and the patients and professionals who use them. This packaging is manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities and is engineered to your exact specifications.

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    Designed for a wide variety of healthcare applications, we design our tapes with comfort, strength, and safety in mind.

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